Moon in gemini compatibility

Gemini Moon isn't so sensual, but it is good with its hands and knows how to talk dirty. It will scream Leo Moon's name. This fawning and complimenting turns Leo on, and Gemini Moon loves watching Leo Moon go into a sexual frenzy. It will try new things and go all night. This makes Gemini Moon become more sexual. But everyone knows about it. Their neighbors certainly know because they can hear it.

Moon Sign Gemini - The Moon in Gemini

Gemini Moon tells people about their sex life, and Leo Moon doesn't mind so long as it is all good things. Everyone on the train knows about it because one or the other of them is on the phone telling a friend - loudly - about the amazing sex they had the night before. While they get a thrill letting everyone know what a good time they're having, it can get to a point where they need to make sex public in order to get a thrill.

Exhibitionism may not be too far away, and Gemini Moon has a problem keeping track of all their gadgets so Leo Moon better hope no one ever finds and jailbreaks Gemini Moon's smartphone. Or would they secretly like that? They make it work through mutual admiration of what the other is naturally good at doing. This relationship's truly based in friendship. The main problem is when they have to start dealing with responsibilities, like careers or children.


The love is still there, but unless they specifically carve out a time to be together, they may focus on other people. Chances are, they may focus all of their mental and emotional energy on their children. And while Gemini Moon and Leo Moon both love children and want to be good parents, they can get so caught up in it that once the children leave the nest, they don't know each other. Leo Moon needs to make sure that Gemini Moon knows that it is appreciated for keeping it in the know and for making it feel worthy.

You both could make great friends and will share a romantic relationship as well. Gemini Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign Both of you might need to constantly try in order to run your relationship smoothly. There are chances for your relationship to work out or not, as you bath may have to face a lot of challenges. You two are emotionally very different and will find it really difficult to appreciate each other.

Scorpios tend to emotionally very serious and show intense reactions whether it is love or hatred, whereas Geminis are disconnected and logical in personal situations as well. Scorpio natives are very serious in nature, while Geminis are very cool and breezy which might make Scorpios feel that they are unloved and not empathized at all. Sometimes the emotional outbursts of the Scorpios will drive away the sociable and superficial Geminis. Gemini natives become uncomfortable in emotional situations and use humor to deflect the intensity of the scenario.

Scorpios cannot be detached or rational about personal issues like Gemini natives.

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Scorpios tend to be more private and secretive, which could not be understood by the superficial and gregarious Geminis. This pairing is bound to go imbalanced unless you both are out in constant efforts to save it. Gemini Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign Gemini and Sagittarius are opposites on the zodiac system and have a great rapport with each other.

When things are good, you both can get along very well and vice versa. A little bit of effort is needed to make things fall in place between you two. Your emotional needs are similar and both of you crave for personal space and freedom. You both have a great curiosity to learn new things, meet new people, and love for movies and books and an urge to travel. You both are always restless and share a great sense of humor. There are so many things in common amongst you two. You both are intellectual, of which Sagittarians are more logical, witty and positive in approach.

At tough times, both of you tend to be quite smug, which can be overcome with effort from both the ends. Both of you could make amazingly lovable partners and enjoy a fruitful friendship. Gemini Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign Both of you are very different from each other, but at the same time can complement one another in a relationship. You both will need to put in efforts to make this relationship work.

As this pairing can easily face imbalance, you should handle the bonding with care. Both Gemini and Capricorn may have different approaches towards life events. Capricorns are serious, disciplined and careful. They have a constant desire to achieve and may self-criticize at times for not achieving enough. Both of you might find it a little difficult to communicate with each other, which could cause misunderstandings.

Gemini does not take everything seriously as Capricorn does. So in your relationship, Capricorn ends being an adult and Gemini behaves like a fun adolescent, which could often be a reason for heated arguments. Gemini Moon Sign Compatibility with Aquarius Moon Sign Both of you have a great respect and understanding for each other and are in need of a person who shares a mental rapport. You both find mental stimulation and sharing of ideas, thoughts and discoveries, very important with a partner. Both of you share similar desires and drives which makes a perfect. You both will share a good friendship and enjoy light romance.

Both of you are emotionally detached and share and analyze your emotions with each other, instead of expressing them. You both adore freedom and love to socialize with people. Geminis need change and Aquarians are excited in trying put novel things. You both love to talk and share a great sense of humor. You both like to keep things friendly and informal and are interested in working towards charitable causes.

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Moon In Gemini - Mithun Rashi, Moon Sign Gemini

Gemini Moon Sign Compatibility with Pisces Moon Sign You both may have to face many challenges and make compromises to make the pairing work out, as both of you have very little in common. Geminis are intellectual, fidgety and energetic, while Pisceans are instinctive, dreamy and inactive. Pisceans love music and arts, whereas Geminis feel inclined to logic, intellect and language.

You both have many differences, but somewhere in the middle of your different emotions; you coincide at being creative and irresponsible. While Pisceans are very sensitive, Geminis take emotions lightly. Geminis should take care that their sense of humor does not hurt the delicate Pisceans. Geminis focus and plan for the future, whereas Pisceans keep dwelling about the past. In the beginning, they might not see problems in it.

One common similarity they will love about each other is their aloofness.

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  8. Yes, moon in Gemini is social, but at times, it just has a need to quietly concentrate on other tasks. However, if the man fails to take a decision about the future of the relationship, Capricorn moon lady might simply decide to end everything. This will be done after a lengthy use of compromise especially if feelings are at stake. Astrologically, the two signs are inconjunct. This means that emotionally they are highly different from each other and that totally leaves their relationship disappointing.

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