December 6 zodiac horoscope

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By incorporating mind-body-spirit harmony, they are able to achieve peak performance on many levels. They often have problems with weight gain in middle age.

The obvious answer is to cut back on calories, but this isn't easy for people who enjoy good food. December 6 individuals often carry their mediating ability into adulthood. This makes them excellent lawyers, judges, and corporate executives.

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They have a talent for making money. Although this may not be an especially fervent goal, they often end up living a luxurious lifestyle.

December 6 Zodiac

People born on this date have a drive to help others. No matter what form this ability takes, it has the power to transcend both career and personal matters. They have the rare ability to "go with the flow.


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Be careful about those promises come Mercury direct: you might end up in a world of hurt if you suddenly find yourself unable to deliver. A square between Mercury and Mars mid-retrograde might serve to fan the flames of disagreement, generating quarrels.

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  • Watch your words and pray for a pause button — you might just need it. Though the effects are most potent between November 17 and December 6, the effects of the Mercury retrograde may start to emerge as early as October 29, when Mercury first enters its shadow period, and as late as December 24, when Mercury finally exits its shadow. Still have questions about how Mercury Retrograde works? Visit our sister site to learn more!

    As with all Mercury retrograde transits, you can expect miscommunications, setbacks, and mishaps; as well as unresolved issues coming back to haunt you one more time yikes.

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    • Read more to discover just how the Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius may unfold for you. Perhaps some of these forays may require a different financial set-up, or maybe, these exciting plans both excite you and set you on edge. Either way, the Mercury retrograde is the ideal time to plan your path and if your path includes foreign or long-distance travel, leave early, check your tickets, and buy travel insurance. With the Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio happening in your eighth and seventh houses , you may feel some relative level of breakthrough in your closest relationships.

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      For a change, it seems that the puzzle pieces are falling into place: anxieties about partnerships and the resources you share are finally ending. Just as possible is a circumspect look at the energies you give out to others, and whether that feels like work, service, or something nearer servitude. Fortunately, the Mercury retrograde is likely to illuminate how you can retain your sense of generosity and your dignity, too.