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Freedom is vital to you, so the best compatibility astrology matches for Venus in Aquarius are those with Venus in another air sign, who will understand your point of view. Those with Venus in Pisces are incurable romantics, hopelessly in love with love itself, and attracted to wistful, spiritual, warm hearted people, like those with Venus in a water sign, or sometimes an earth sign.

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Saturn's Role in Astrological Compatibility. How Compatible Are You? Your Details are Never shared. Your Astromatcha Score. That said, they are also incredibly loyal, deep, interested in their partner on all levels, and an absolute powerhouse in bed. Dare you date one? Those with Venus in Sagittarius are extremely attractive people—flirty, fun, warm, outgoing, and eager to make a connection.

Aries Moon

Hookups come easily to them but committed relationships less so because they possess a deeply rooted need to remain free and open to options. They are restless at heart and can easily ghost if things get tough or they feel stifled, criticized, or uninspired. The key to having a great relationship with a Venus in Sagittarius is to first give them their space, difficult as it may feel when partners know just how flirty and distracted they can get.

The second ingredient which is way more fun is to be a true life partner for them by being involved in all their big ideas.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Nature and Nuances

They want to explore the world and as idealists, they want an equally freedom-loving partner by their side who can keep up, if not go slightly ahead and challenge them onward. If they could use an algorithm to match them to this person and save all the chasing, flirting, and uncertainty, they would.

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They just want the right end result without all the pesky messiness of dating around. Others are drawn to them because of their cool, calm, and collected aura. Whilst not the most passionate or fun-loving partner, they are incredibly loyal and resilient and the kind of person you can really lean on. Venus in Aquarius people seek a friend as well as a lover, someone they can bounce ideas off of, play with, and challenge. Their head definitely rules their heart, and they approach every situation with reason and logic.

Lovers can expect an eccentric, unique partner who is up for anything, puts no rules or boundaries in place, and makes magical, spontaneous date suggestions and they look for someone to really go with their flow. Freedom is the common theme here. They need acres of room to roam and explore the world, and they will give their partner the same. If not…good luck. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Related Story. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The Libran can do this by asking the archer to stay by their side rather than demanding it.

What the Position of Venus in Your Birth Chart Means for You

The archer might want to explore but they will always return to the Libran. Because of this, the Sagittarius Libra love compatibility will have magic. In a Sagittarius and Libra marriage both are very intelligent. Libra will adore learning. They will take control in the relationship. Other people might not think that the Libra would be the one to do that, but they will.


Sagittarius will bring wit and insight to their meeting of the minds. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Because of this, the Libran will feel like they are in control of the relationship. The Sagittarius Libra in bed will have an exciting approach to a physical relationship.

Both star signs will be flirtatious in their own way. Sagittarius and Libra are sexually compatible and are noted for being able to flirt without each other feeling threatened by the behavior. Sagittarius and Libra in love will be able to learn more about their compatibility when they consider their ruling planets. The planet Venus will rule over Libra. Venus is romantic. They will be the one to be looking for a pure expression of love.

Here’s How To REALLY Find Out If You’re Compatible, Based On Your Astrology Birth Chart

The planet Jupiter will rule over Sagittarius. Jupiter will be bountiful, positive, and kind hearted. They will be the one to look for happiness and justice.

Venus in Scorpio with Venus in Sagittarius!

They can both be very fair minded. The Sagittarius Libra soul mates will both be open minded.

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They will both want to give each other an honest hearing. Sagittarius is a fire sign. They will have a short temper. Libra is very gentle and has a calm and rational attitude. Sagittarius will be less likely to show their temper to them than to any other sun sign.

Because of this, they will win the archer over. The Sagittarius Libra relationship might have some tough patches. They will both be looking for a new horizon. Libra is gentle and emotional. Sagittarius is blunt, tactless and restless. Because of this, the Libran can have their feelings hurt. They will lose patience and have a hard time making decisions. Test Now! The ruling planets of Venus and Jupiter will give the Sagittarius Libra compatibility a fresh nature and zest. The influence of the planets will make it easy for them to overcome any arguments that they might have.

Sagittarius and Libra are two signs apart in the zodiac. They will have a natural romantic compatibility.

Venus Sign Compatibility in Relationships ⋆ Astromatcha

They will easily be able to be more compatible than other zodiac signs. They will have a sense of happiness in their relationship. They will both approach life with an attitude that is motivated. They will both be more than willing to compromise. They will both be resourceful in finding ways to help their relationship grow.

Sagittarius and Libra will be more compatible together the more time they spend together.