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    Astrologer Gautam helps you find such answers. With a clear understanding of the cosmos, Astrologer Gautam helps you find accurate readings that help you plan your life accordingly. To be in eternal love is the most invigorating feeling on earth and is only with few individuals that you could feel that way Black magic is one of the most heinous crimes to destroy a person's mental peace. Black magic involves invoking evil spirits to harm others Do you want to know when you will find the love of your life?

    When will your calling come? Will you receive a windfall?

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    Do you feel ignored when it comes to spending time with the love of your life? Vashikaran is a well-known practice which has been in use since ages in order to evoke the feelings of love in the hearts of people Love spells prove quite useful if chanted using the right rituals. Any person going through a bad phase in love life can contact an astrologer We all know that God is the supreme commander. He is the one who has created us and he keeps the power to destroy us as well Do you feel something strange around you?

    Do you think that there is some kind of negative energy surrounding you? Do not worry Every nook and corner is a start up hub and every software programmer is a potential entrepreneur. But is it in your stars to become the next Mark If you feel like something has been obstructing you from doing good things from a long time and your life is not going the way you want Do you wonder.. It is hard to remember the reason that made you say "I do" at the altar. Sometimes looking back at those carefree days of innocent love Our world famous and globally renowned astrologer has been offering a wide range of astrology services and solutions to people in all over Do you feel like your family members are not happy?

    Do you think there is some misunderstanding problem between you and your family Spiritual healing is one of the oldest methods to cure an individual's disease. Opening up one's soul to receive the abundant energy from Cosmo The survival race has gotten crazy.

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    So is the driving need to get to the top. The USA funds the Pakistan goverment to wage war on Islamic extremists within the nation, and this is a major source of internal strife for the governemt. The fixed star on Saturn and Pluto confirms this.

    Vashikaran Specialist Pandit in Pakistan Astrologer Kalidas +

    The deeply religious and philosophical nature of the people of Pakistan is a strong point as shown by the trine from Moon to Jupiter. This should also manifest as good conditions for the women of Pakistan. That should be the most perilous time ahead. Saturn has one more pass of the Ascendant on 27 July which is another danger period.

    However, the major carnage we saw last year was mainly due to transiting Pluto opposing the Mars and Midheaven. This period saw the injection of 7. Pluto is retrograding at the moment, but stations direct almost 2 degrees short of opposing the Pakistan Mars. Things should not be as bad long term , the worst from destructive Pluto is be behind this nation. Just got to get through this Jupiter Uranus conjunction on the Descendant. Last year, I believe our mayor was arrested for fraud after a day or two in office during the solar eclipse. And a bunch of rabbis or something were also arrested for selling organs?

    It was an interesting scene last year.

    Amil Darvesh Bawa Arbaz Ali Shah Astrologer

    Hi Jamie, I found your article looking for another astrological viewpoint on the floods. I think that your data might be incorrect though, the time is sometimes given for the August 14th chart according to Noel Tyl, but his forum indicates that he does not know the source for that time — the midnight time is used for the August 15th chart.

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    Pakistani astrologers use several birth moments notably, midnight on the 14th , but a solid case can be made for when the British Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten, administered the oath of office to Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the first Governor General. Sorry to take up your comment space!

    Hi Lynn, I usually prefer the most recent chart for a nation myself and do like to know exactly how the quoted time came to be. This one just seems to describe the nation better and works well with current events. I also like the star Scheat being on the DC.

    Whereas you are ignoring the simple fact that this whole article is based on a fallacy — pakistan was created on 15 August. This is NOT true! I think 14 august 9.